Friday, June 26, 2009

I Heart Kraft

I've always thought of Kraft Foods as, well...cheesy and sorta trailer trashy.

But a good friend of mine who is a foodie (and also happens to work for Kraft) has suggested I check out their site for some easy recipes.

Naturally, most recipes involve Kraft Products, but the site is also educational. It seems designed with someone like me in mind -- there is a "Cooking School," featuring how-to videos which instruct aspiring cooks how to grill onions, how to clean shrimp and even how to create perfect ice cream scoops.

Since I happen to have a mental block about herbs (I confuse basil and oregano), their herb guide is a life-saver.

Don't get me started on The Chocolate Lovers' Center or I'll be gushing all day. Not only does it feature various chocolate recipes, it also explains the difference between various types of chocolate.

This beginning cook plans to rely on the substitution guide during those moments when I seem to be missing just the ingredient I need.

It's too hot to use the slow cooker, but I'm excited to see Kraft features a list of slow cooker recipes.

My favorite element of the site is Make It Now, where you input three ingredients and they'll recommend a recipe.

When I list chicken, basil, and pasta, the site produces eight results, including a Planters penne with chicken and vegetables in basil sauce (of course, you don't have to use Planters brand nuts!). It looks so tasty, I might try to make for dinner tonight.

Not all of the recipes are so appealing. I'm fairly certain I won't be testing out Kraft's Ham & Cheddar Mac -- which calls for frozen peas, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner, and Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Honey Ham -- anytime soon. Sure, it sounds easy to make, but also pretty nasty.

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Bernie Bernstein said...

It's Me, Mom - I don't know about the Mac&Cheese and Ham, but I make a mean tuna casserole with Kraft Mac & Cheese. When Dad is too tired to cook he usually asks me to make this dish and I'm happy to use one of the 24+ cans of tuna that we have stored for hurricane season. I know you're not fond of using canned "stuff," but this dish also uses canned cream of mushroom (or celery) soup and it is yummy. Hmm, I wonder if I can use one of the 10 cans of canned chicken...also stored for hurricane season. Don't worry, I won't subject you or the kids to either.