Sunday, June 14, 2009

Got Lemons? Make Lemon Cheese Souffle

Avo reminds me of my dad in so many ways. For one thing, they are both type-A overachievers who can't stand to waste a moment of the day. They've got more energy and drive than almost anyone I know.

Another thing they have in common is that they both go bananas at the sight of a ripe banana. They can't stand the idea that one single banana may go to waste. In my dad's case, he creates a strict schedule for banana-eating, so he can ensure that they never grow old. Avo has another way to make sure the bananas are always used -- he bakes banana bread or makes the kids a banana smoothie.

It's quite common for Avo to orchestrate an entire meal around one ingredient which he is determined to use before it goes bad (or just to clean out the pantry).

Once when we had a big jug of maple syrup, he made Boston Baked Beans.

Then yesterday afternoon, after buying a $3.00 container of tsatziki, Avo invested another $20 in pre-made lamb and chicken kebabs which he then grilled -- all to justify his purchase of tsatziki. Plus, it's fun saying tsatziki. Try it yourself!

I admire Avo's resourcefulness, but it does make me laugh when he ends up buying a batch of new ingredients just so he can use up something we already have.

Plus, if he really wants to impress me, next time he should make the tsatziki and the kebabs from scratch.

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Bernie Bernstein said...

It's Me, Mom - You're too young to remember the Chiquita banana commercial that said to "never put bananas in the refrigerator." Well, that's nonsense because we do it all the time. The skins may turn dark, but the insides stay pretty well. Dad and I have a banana a day so we buy 10 at a time. That way we have to shop only every five days. If for some reason the bananas get too ripe, I do what Avo does...I make banana bread (chocolate banana bread to be exact). Yum. If anyone wants my recipe, let me know.