Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Clean Day

Yes, it's that special day of every month devoted to sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, neatening, and overall cleaning.

Didn't anyone tell you that today is Big Clean Day?

In case you never heard of Big Clean Day before, it is a special holiday (to use the word loosely) that is celebrated (again, very loose usage) once a month -- at least in our house.

I can always tell it’s getting close to the end of the month when Avo starts to drop “Big Clean Day” into our conversations -- even when we're discussing politics, film, or the weather.

I’m not sure when it first began, but at some point during the course of our nine-year marriage, Avo inaugurated the dubious tradition of devoting the first day of each month to cleaning the apartment.

I think it’s his way of ensuring that we change the sheets and hand towels at least once a month.

Big Clean Day also involves scrubbing toilets, sinks and kitchen counters, vacuuming rugs, mopping the floors and dusting. Oh, and changing the kitty litter. All sorts of unpleasant business.

Trying to muster enthusiasm for the cause, this morning I made a big show of dusting the fireplace screen with my bare hands.

“You’d be surprised. A rag does wonders,” said Avo, without looking up from his morning paper.

To humor Avo, I crumpled a handful of toilet paper from the bathroom and used it to dust the radiators.

“Well, at least that’s better than using your hand."

Luckily, Avo will be working in an office today rather than in our basement so he won't be around to critique my unorthodox house cleaning methods.

And for those of you who might jump to the conclusion that I am solely responsible for cleaning on Big Clean Day, stop yourself before you jump...

The truth is that I almost never get a chance to clean on Big Clean Day before Avo usually cheats and begins cleaning a few days before the actual day. The nerve of him!

This month, I am determined to wow Avo with shiny floors, sparkling mirrors, and toilets so clean he can see his reflection in them, and, of course, fresh sheets!

Does anyone else devote a special day every week or every month to cleaning or are we just dorky? At least we don't wear matching "Big Clean Day" shirts or anything.

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