Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacuum Like Beckham

Don't worry. I have no plans to turn this into a celeb gossip blog. But I did find it amusing that just after my lost post about how nobody loves cleaning, David Beckham boasted that he is "passionate about housework."

In the latest issue of People Magazine, the famous soccer player, is quoted as saying "I'm very passionate about cleanliness and housework. I love to vacuum."

As if that wasn't impressive enough, he went on to say, "I also like cooking. My signature dish for Victoria is grilled prawns or lobster and fresh vegetables. And for the children and myself it's pasta with fresh tomato sauce and olives."

So there goes my theory that nobody loves housework!

Now all of those women out there with crushes on Beckham are swooning over his domestic inclinations. After all, what is sexier than a man with a vacuum cleaner?

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kat said...

I used to work for a record label & was with one of the bands during a interview & they heartthrob of the group said he's favorite things to do were vacuum & iron....sigh