Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wikki Stix Rule

They're cheap. They're fun. They're handy around the house.

What are they exactly?

They're Wikki Stix, of course, a craft project for kids that is so much more.

Not only can they amuse your tot for hours, but they can also help you open a stubborn jar or retrieve a magazine from behind the couch.

There are countless household uses for this amazing product. According to the Wikki Stix web site , they can help in various ways. Following are just ten suggestions.

I'm confident you can come up with many on your own!

1. Wind up and secure extension cords with Wikki Stix to keep them from getting tangled.

2. Wrap a Wikki around the top and it will unscrew hard-to-open jars or small bottles easily.

3. Reinforce a slippery grip on a tennis racket or golf club. It will be much easier to hold onto if you wrap a few Wikki Stix around them.

4. Use Wikki Stix around holiday time to secure decorations. You can also use them to create window displays, cards, and gift wrap.

5. Tie snack bags shut with Wikki Stix

6. Secure candle in candle holder

7. Stick photos down in place

8. Circle important dates on the calendar (just cut Wikki Stix into short lengths and press into circle around date

9. Use Wikki Stix to keep buttons close at hand when you are doing some quick repair work. Just stick one Wikki on table or wall, etc. and press the buttons you will need right onto it...easy to take them off one by one as you sew them on the clothing.

10. Stick a couple of Wikki Stix to the end of a broom handle or coat hanger to retrieve hard-to-reach objects.

I love Wikki Stix (and no, they're not paying me to plug their product)!

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