Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Domesticated Bliss

Last June 4th marked Avo and my 9th anniversary. Since we were together two years before we got married, that makes 11 years of wedded bliss.

As with most couples, we've had some bumpy bits, but generally, we're pretty darned happy together (sometimes obnoxiously so).

But recently, we've arrived at a new level of compatibility and partnership. The difference? I've begun to cook and clean. No kidding. It's helped liven things up around the house and keep things interesting (Avo will never cease to be amazed when he arrives home to find me whipping up dinner).

"If domesticity is what you reveal to me at our 9-year point, I'm all for it! I like how you keep me on my toes," Avo said the other night.

"You timed it just right too. If you had done this too early in our marriage, I might have gotten spoiled. If you had waited much longer, I might have lost hope!"

The question is: will he lose hope if I burn his dinner?

[Cartoon by my fave, Lynda Barry]

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Anthony said...

So what's for dinner?