Monday, February 1, 2010

Robo Maid

Ever wish you had a robot who could do your housework? Well, your wish may come true.

Scientists in South Korea have invented a robot that can tidy up your house, dust, do laundry, and even heat up meals in the microwave.

Apparently, the walking robot maid has a rotating head with a three-dimensional sensor so it can figure out what work you need it to do. With a human-like body over 4 feet tall, the robot weighs 121 pounds and can supposedly recognize people.

The robot's head, arms, and legs rotate and its six fingers allow it to pick up sandwiches, cups, or any other rubbish lying around the house. There's no guarantee, of course, that it won't mistake Little Jimmy for garbage.

Sorta creepy if you ask me. Check it out yourself here.

It won't be available to the public for some time. Would you be interested in purchasing one if it sold for a reasonable price?

Personally, I wouldn't mind a robot who could cook dinner from scratch on nights when I don't have my act together.


Bernie Bernstein said...

It's Me, Mom - Get me one of those for my birthday when it comes out. My only problem with it would be that it might scare Gracie, our dog. She's even afraid of the vacuum clelaner.

Anonymous said...

Paula - Maria here...All my four year old wanted for Christmas from Santa was a cleaning robot (as though I make him do most of the cleaning??). I had to disappoint...but perhaps not forever. Has anyone seen Battlestar Gallactica has gotta pause....