Friday, February 5, 2010

Martha Stewart's Advice

Martha Stewart told me to order take-out for my first-ever dinner party. It's pretty pathetic when the Doyenne of Domesticity thinks you're a lost cause!

Yesterday, Elyse (on the left) and I were on "The Martha Stewart Show" for her special "Twin Show." Also featured were hunky Italian twin chefs Fabrizio and Nicola Carro from Miami's Quattro Restaurant, as well as twin expert Dr. Nancy Segal (thanks for the photo).

Fabrizio and Nicola prepared a classic Italian eggplant parmigiana and rigatoni with eggplant, tomato, basil, and cheese. Looked yummy!

I only wish they had let the audience sample some of the food since Elyse and I could hear our tummies grumbling. Maybe I'll have to try making eggplant parmigiana on my own. Believe it or not, I've never cooked with eggplant before.

Not surprisingly, Martha made the expected comments like "I feel like I'm seeing double" when she surveyed the audience of twins dressed in matching outfits. She even joked that she was wearing a twin set. I should note that -- perhaps because we didn't grow up together and weren't used to matching ensembles -- Elyse and I were the only twins in the audience not dressed identically (although we both wore dark colored turtle necks).

Martha asked Elyse and I what it was like to learn, at age 35, that we had an identical twin.

Of course, there was no way we could adequately answer in two minutes, but we managed to satisfy Martha's curiosity for the moment. Fortunately, Random House was generous enough to donate copies of our book, "Identical Strangers: A Memoir of Twins Separated and Reunited" to the audience so they can read the whole crazy story themselves!

During a commercial break, Martha fielded questions from the audience.

My hand shot up. "I'm very undomesticated and I'm hosting my first-ever dinner party. What would you recommend that I make?"

"Order take out," Martha suggested.

Very funny, but I wanted a serious answer.

"Any other advice?"

"Make something simple. Maybe a soup, a salad and crunchy bread."

"Okay, thanks."

I can handle a soup, a salad and crunchy bread, but won't my guests go home hungry and disgruntled? If so, I can always tell them it was Martha's idea!


Rebecca said...

Oh my god, dissed and dismissed by Martha! Actually, I find that quite disappointing--even someone so over the top should have a favorite fool-proof recipe on hand.

And I was proud that the twins I knew were the ones who didn't dress to match. Were you told to? Because if not I find it frightening that every single other pair wore identical outfits.

Helaine said...

I did take-out for my first dinner party too. It works! (I recommend the organic catering place on 9th Street, whose name skips my mind).

My first dinner party occurred by accident. I can tell you that story off a public board.

Kathy N. said...

Don't listen to Martha! She's had a staff of at least a dozen for more than 30 years! Seriously! I do think you can keep it simple and have a perfectly lovely first dinner party.

Bernie Bernstein said...

It's Me, Mom - I agree with Kathy N. Simple is the key word. You and I have discussed a menu and I trust you to make the right decisions, both for your dinner party and in other areas. You've always been pretty sensible. Just relax and have fun and the rest will take care of itself.

By the way, I'd love to hear Helaine's first dinner party story.

Suzi Shelton said...

I agree with Rebecca, you would think that Martha Stewart would have better advice! But that said, it is pretty hilarious just the same. Anyway, congrats on getting on the show, and as long as you serve some dessert, you can't go wrong with your dinner party. I would recommend a yummy brownie sundae! The box kind is still acceptable in my book.
Oh, and I love that your Mom comments on your blog... that is great!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a boring jerk. I could give better advise than that & I don't have entertaining advise as a career.
My advise being = is there one thing you make well??? Lasagna? maybe? Then buy a nice bag of salad & add yummy things to it (avocatoe etc.)& a dressing you love (in a bottle...serve out of the bottle & no one will know)plus bread & desert from a bakery. Serve desert & coffee. If you don't own cloth napkins pick some colorful ones up anywhere! Oh & fresh flowers! done...soft music & some lite candles around the place done! smile & have fun

Pogie said...

I don't mind putting my name to my above blog..."Pogie" I just clicked on wrong button! I love your blog & am sending it to my friends. Especially the younger ones. With the economic situation at hand, entertaining in is the best way to have fun & stay in touch. I started game night once a month with my lady friends & we are having a blast! Plus so much less $ than meeting for drinks. We can also be as loud and crazy as we want.......always a plus.