Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dinner Party Guests

Word has apparently gotten out that I'm in need of dinner party guests.

This morning, a friend generously offered to supply me with a vetted crew of entertaining guests -- "insta-guests" guaranteed to have a good time.

"I've got a group of friends who get together for dinner parties already. I'm sure they'd be happy to come to yours," she said. "They're a fun bunch."

Although I'd love to meet her friends, I'm happy to announce that the folks on my list have re-adjusted their priorities (and rescheduled their manicure appointments for another night). On top of that, my daughters' music teacher Mr. Di Franco (and his significant other) has volunteered to be our not-so-mystery guest.

I'm excited about the eclectic mix of guests -- if everyone shows up, we'll have a professional photographer, a teacher/musician, a writer and cook, a blogger, a film critic, a web marketer and other interesting folks. Hopefully, they'll all get along -- and if they don't, that will be interesting too.

But now I have the opposite problem -- too many people are coming to my dinner party.

The idea was to host an intimate gathering of 8 (including me and Avo), which means six guests.

Since I panicked that nobody would come, I ended up inviting 10 people, rather than 6. Two people have declined the invitation, and I haven't yet heard from OTBKB's own Louise Crawford and her hubby. But at this point, the other 8 are planning to come. So it will be dinner for 10 -- or 12.

Unfortunately, even when it's folded out to its largest size, our dinner table only sits 8. So it will be a very intimate dinner indeed!

According to eHow, "a crowded, cluttered table takes away from the party experience, and can make guests feel uncomfortable."

Therefore, no more reservations are being accepted at Casa Undomesticated Me. I promise I'll have you over for dinner -- some other time.

In the meantime, does anybody know a place in the 'hood where I can rent a table for 12?

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Bernie Bernstein said...

It's Me, Mom - Maybe you can have a kids table. Only kidding. Do you have a bridge table you can tack onto your dining table? Or, borrow a table, add it to yours in an "L" shape. That should work.