Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pop-Tarts, Vitaminwater and Dinner Doulas

I haven't been cooking much lately, but at least I have been writing. Since April, I have been blogging twice a day for Babble's Strollerderby where I write incredibly witty, insightful analysis about the latest parenting news. Recently, I've been writing quite a bit about food and nutrition for kids

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As for cooking, I'm preparing some brown rice in a rice cooker right now and am hoping to make a simple dinner of tempeh and broccoli on rice. Next week, we'll be headed to Cape Cod where my friend Beau is sure to cook us up some tasty grub.

Once the kids are back in school (and the weather cools off), I hope to get back into a regular cooking routine (I know - excuses, excuses!) Please bear with me until then.

Have you been cooking anything interesting this summer?


Alma Schneider said...

You'll get back on the wagon again soon! I just discovered blending frozen, sliced bananas until they turn into...Actual ice cream!
Try it!

Anonymous said...

I love to cook....Made linguini and crab sauce at the Jersey Shore...penna vodka, chicken cutlet parm, tons of salad and grilled chicken.

Zephyr Eurova said...

Nice Pop Tart picture. Do you know there's a big pop-up Pop Tart store on 42nd Street, between 6th Ave and Broadway? Crazy desserts for sale and all sorts of P.T. paraphenalia.