Friday, March 19, 2010

Panko Power

"Do you know about Panko?" my dad asked when he called the other day.

"Yes, dad, you've only told me about Panko every time we have spoken in the last few weeks!"

My dad is just a bit obsessed with Panko.

"What's Panko?" you ask.

Panko are Japanese bread crumbs (I'm pretty sure that Panko translates to "bread crumbs" in Japanese. Correct me if I'm wrong). They are supposed to be lighter and crispier than traditional bread crumbs.

Apparently, my dad isn't the only one obsessed with them. You can read about Panko in detail here.

Despite my dad's urging -- or perhaps because of it -- I steadfastly refused to give Panko a try. But today I finally gave in and bought a container of the stuff. This weekend, I plan to experiment with it and report back.

I've already begun to research recipes that call for Panko (pretty much anything you make with bread crumbs, you can make with Panko).

This Panko-Crusted Cod sounds good. So does this oven-fried panko chicken.

Have you ever heard about Panko? What do you use it for?

If I try this stuff, maybe my dad will finally lay off on the Panko pitch. Maybe I will even join the Panko proselytizing bandwagon.


Katy @ Pie Bird Blog said...

We use it on both chicken and fish - makes a great salmon burger! Yum!

Kathy N. said...

Actually, your dad is right. Panko is a magical substance. So much more than bread crumbs. You won't be sorry!

Bernie Bernstein said...

Sorry Hon but if it wasn't for me your life would not include Panko. It is just one more thing you owe to your old Dad. The list gets longer and longer.

Bernie Bernstein said...


It's Saturday and this is what I'm making tonight. Oven fried Talapia, soaked in milk and then dredged in yes, PANKO, Put it in a 450 oven until it's crispy. YUM.

Tip - put a cookie sheet with Easy Release Non Stick Foil in the oven for five minutes to get hot. Add the fish and both side will be crispy without turning.